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Uniquely Handcrafted, Opal Jewellery

    I'm a small, handcrafted jewellery Business located in Rural Victoria Australia where I cut and polish the finest quality sourced, Australian Opals, from rough to finished and where I create totally unique, settings for each one, in Gold or Sterling Silver.

    Alongside our beautiful Australian Opals, I sometimes incorporate Australian South Sea Pearls, preferring Keeshi or Baroque, for their organic shapes, and Australian Diamonds or semi precious stones.

    My mission is to showcase the beauty of Australian treasures from land and sea.


A beautiful collection of recently cut and polished Opals purchased in the rough,
direct from my supplier in Coober Pedy


 Welcome to Glenda Jones Jewellery Australia and I hope you enjoy my site and 

will follow my journey as I create more Unique Opal pieces and add them to this site.

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